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сряда юни 19, 2024

Crystal Pearls Neon Colours

Trend 2012-2013 with Swarovski Elements !
As spring twirls towards summer and the days get longer, all good things are drawn to the light, looking for brightness to lift our spirts and freshen out outlook. SWAROVSKI Elements has provided the perfect answer with Crystal Pearl Neon Colours and Crystal Astral Pink in a selected assortment of loose crystal elements.
Crystal Pearls Neon Colours
The trend towards vibrant hues the lift the psyche and enhance our sense of well being is cropping up in all areas of design. From eye-popping colours on America's ski slopes this winter to the zingy sportswear see across most other activities, neon signals adrenalin, energy and zest for life. No longer exclusive to the childrens and teenage sectors, neon has been re-interpreated for today, gaining a new elegance that serves it well on the adult market.